I am Dustin Casey born on July 15, 1983 in Sac, CA.

I moved to Lebanon, OR at the age of like three. I love the country, never have felt so close to GOD, as when in nature. I used to go hiking for days with few man made things, it was a feeling of greatness being out on my own, with all that was created for Us.

Now I live in Las Vegas and am still learning about the city life, both city and country have there good & bad points, but they are nothing alike.

I do my best to follow the path of Jesus Christ. I pray at least once a day (I feel it is important to keep prayer selfless). Having faith is walking on water, knowing He will hold Us up not letting Us fall. I feel if a prayer did not go the way We asked for it to, it is only because that was not the way He wanted it, even if We cant understand why, He knows best.

"Shriners Hospital for Children" inspired me with all the great things they do for people (for free) and wanted to be more like they are. After doing some reading I found out the Shriners are Freemasons, I also found that George Washington was a master Freemason & most of the founders of this great country (The United State of America) were Freemasons as well. It was not easy, but I became a master Freemason.

Music is the language that speaks from the body to the Soul, so it is important We all hear good tunes. There is not many good influence's in music (it is easyer to remind someone of bad things & bring them down, so most take the easy road & sing about negative stuff or about the party seen). Everyone knows it is much harder to do good & control ones Self, when times are tough, so why is it many people think it is cool to be bad? That I will never understand. Myself I like to know bad things as well as good, because I dont like being blind to the negative things people can do.

To rap this up, when thinking of me, I would like people to think of a person that stands up for what is right, someone who try's to speak the truth & helps other. I live life wondering "what would Jesus do?".

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